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Quality is Not Just A Name, It’s A Promise!

What we offer

World Class, Top Notch, Truck Hydraulic Products, handpicked from all over the World!

Why choose us?


Quality is not just a name, it our promise to you. Its mean a lot to us. We never compromise the quality for a sake of selling.


World class and Quality products, handpicked from all over the World that proven “Global Product”


Supports in Product Fitment, warranty, Service and spares availability to our customers are priority to us.


Our products are very innovative and original equipments, optimized to your applications


We do not have any intermediatery sales people. We deal with our customers directly, no matter which country ther are from…


All our products are certified with ISO standards and proven design in Europe markets

Our Story

Attral Drivelines established in the year of 2014 as a proprietorship company with vast experience of industrial hydraulic and truck hydraulic sector in Bangalore, India. From Year 2018, the company become one of an authorized dealer for Galipoglu Hidromas India tipping kits and spares. From the year 2019, Attral closely working with MT&T and added truck mounted loader cranes in it’s product range. And continuing to export many truck hydraulic parts around the Globe.