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Hidromas 82cc Pumps – Rear Port

• Brand : Galipoglu Hidromas India
• Range: 43cc, 65cc, 82cc, 105cc
• Rotation : Bi-Directional
• Comfortable for all tipping trucks
• 6-Months Warranty against Manufacturing defects

Hidromas is the Inventor of Gear Pump Technology for Truck Hydraulics Industry and engaged in manufacturing of Pump since 1980-s. More than 1 Million Pumps have been produced and supplied by Hidromas across the Globe.

In India, more than 60,000 Hidromas Pumps are working enduring rugged field condition . Hidromas Pumps are revered for its robust construction, smooth and trouble-free performance.

Hidromas India is manufacturer and supplier of BI-DIRECTIONAL GEAR PUMP (43 cc / 65 cc / 82 cc / 105 cc)